How to Migrate MYSQL Server on new location with original DB user name and password

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This post will help those IT persons who want to migrate mysql server from one location to another along with original db user name, privileges and password.

I have followed below scenario many times and it work perfectly.

These steps applies only for Windows Platform with mysql tested versions 5.6 and 5.7

This task can easily be achieved using Mysql Administrator GUI Tool… Download Link 

Step 1: Access the tool and connect with root user,











Step 2: Select Backup option > New Project > Select all DBs (except schema & sys) and execute backup.

Step 3: Now go to Target new Mysql machine, connect MYSQL administrator tool there and click on restore option…

Make sure you restore Database = “Mysql” because this table contains db user and password info.

That’s all… Let me know if anyone need further assistance.