Afridi (Urdu: آفریدی ) (pashto: اپريدي )  is a Pashtuns tribe present in Pakistan North West.

These hill tribesmen have always been well-known for their hospitality, patriotism, bravery  and great warriors; they live in mud walled big houses and compounds that typically have a watch tower for each compound.

The Afridi are Pashtuns, part of the Karlani tribal confederacy, who fought both against and with the British in Afghanistan during all three Anglo-Afghan wars.

Afridi tribe clans:

Afridi fighters photographed by John Burke in 1878

1. Adam Khel
2. Aka Khel
3. Kamar Khel
4. Kambar Khel
5. Kuki Khel
6. Malikdin Khel
7. Zakka Khel
8. Sipah






Khyber Agency is named after the world famous Khyber Pass. Khyber pass is a mountain pass in north west Pakistan.
An integral part of the ancient Silk Road, it has long had substantial cultural.

The summit of the pass is 5 km (3.1 mi) inside Pakistan at Landi Kotal, while the lowest point is at Jamrud in the Valley of Peshawar