Afridi (Urdu: آفریدی ) (pashto: اپريدي ) is a Pashtun tribe. The Afridi tribe is the most powerful and dominant tribe of the Khyber Agency. The Afridis inhabit about 1000 square miles of rough hilly area in the eastern Safed Koh range, west of the Peshawar Valley. Maidan in Tirah which can be accessed by the Kajurhi plains and the valleys of Bara and Churah. The tribe numbers about 315,000 people

There are eight clans in the Afridi tribe:

Afridi fighters photographed by John Burke in 1878

1. Adam Khel
2. Aka Khel
3. Kamar Khel
4. Kambar Khel
5. Kuki Khel
6. Malikdin Khel
7. Zakka Khel
8. Sipah

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